Junaid Ahmad, Artiste First, and Sunayana Kachroo Unite for ‘Dilbaro’: A Song celebrating one’s pillars of strength

New Delhi (India), October 28: Life is pale without that pillar of strength. The one person you hold close to your heart. The one you call Dilbaro. Junaid Ahmad and Artiste First have beautifully captured the importance of such a companion with their latest song ‘Dilbaro’.

An alluring ode to the support systems of our lives, Dilbaro tugs at our heartstrings with its simple yet sublime charm. The song celebrates those dilbaros, the people behind our successes,  who have always been there for us through thick and thin, no matter what. The lyrics exude an old world aura that is perfectly complemented by new age strums. Composed and sung by Junaid Ahmad, and penned by Sunayana Kachroo, Dilbaro is a tune that radiates with warmth and innocence; it is a unique track in more ways than one.

Dilbaro’s official music video is a delightful gem too! Featuring Junaid Ahmad and actress Ansha Mohan , the video sees Junaid essay a budding footballer who is affected by a leg injury. Broken and bitter, his life changes for the better when a positive and friendly physiotherapist nurses him back to health, and stands supportive throughout his recovery. It was her confidence and never give up attitude that was brought back in Junaid, when he lost all hopes. This beautifully replicates how in life there is that one person, one confidant wants to see you succeed no matter what, and that is who we call as “Dilbaro”. While Junaid and Ansha Mohan’s breezy chemistry sparkles on screen, the music adds another layer of magic to their pairing.

Talking about his latest release, Junaid Ahmad said, “Love that is simple, supportive and uncomplicated, is the best kind of love. It’s not just romantic love, but any kind of love. I wanted to bring out these emotions in the form of a song, and that is how Dilbaro was born. It’s a track that will resonate across ages. I’m really looking forward to people falling in love with Dilbaro”.

Sharing his thoughts on the track, Rohit Sobti, Founder, Artiste First said, “Dilbaro’s beauty lies in its blend of sweet old school vibes and fresh new age music. The song is minimal yet meaningful, subtle yet salient. Artiste First always believes in empowering budding talents, and Junaid is an extremely special musician with a voice that instantly charms you. He has taken his talents to the next level with Dilbaro”.

“In ‘Dilbaro,’ the lyrics become a mirror reflecting the purity of the bonds we cherish. They are a poetic embrace of the genuine love and unwavering support that often goes unspoken but is deeply felt. This song is a heartfelt ode to those who make our lives richer, and I hope it touches your heart as it has touched mine.” shared Sunayna Kachroo, Lyricist & Film writer.

May it be Artiste First’s penchant for unearthing the finest of musical treasures, or Junaid Ahmad’s knack for making magic with his music, Dilbaro has all the right ingredients to top the charts. The song is now available on all platforms. The music video is live on YouTube.

About Artiste First:

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