Month: October 2023

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Expert Institute of Advance Technologies: Pioneering Tech Training

New Delhi (India), October 31:  Established by visionary founder Banshraj Yadav on September 26, 2012, the Expert Institute of Advance Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has emerged as a prominent player in the training industry. Led by Banshraj Yadav, who serves as the CEO, and Krishan Yadav as the COO, the institute has carved a niche for […]

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STIM Probiotic Toothpaste: Revolutionizing Oral Health with Good Bacteria, Fluoride, and Xylitol

New Delhi (India), October 31: In a groundbreaking leap forward in oral healthcare, STIM Probiotic Toothpaste has emerged as a game-changer for maintaining a healthy mouth, teeth, and gums. This innovative toothpaste utilizes the power of probiotics, fluoride, and xylitol to offer a multifaceted approach to oral health, providing a range of benefits that have left […]

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A Case Study of Success in Tech, Transline Technologies Limited

New Delhi (India), October 31: In the modern day society, technology plays a pivotal role in creating a better world for the future. It not only increases the efficiency of the economy as a whole but also creates numerous new avenues for the absolute growth of the world. In that effect, Transline Technologies Limited is […]

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Lord’s Mark Biotech launches Tinefcon for Psoriasis Management

Product Range – Tinefcon  •    Lord’s Mark Biotech, the exclusive distribution marketing partner for Tinefcon in India. •    To set up a task force of scientific communicators to build awareness about difficult-to- treat skin conditions like Psoriasis. •    Has set a revenue target of Rs. 100 crores for Tinefcon by 2025. Mumbai (Maharashtra) […]

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CLEAR Premium Water is poised to dominate the 200ml SKU market as we head into the wedding season

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], October 31: As we approach the festive season, CLEAR Premium Water, renowned for its unwavering commitment to quality and excellence, stands ready to fulfil the increasing demand for premium bottled water for the upcoming wedding season. CLEAR Premium Water has consistently set the industry standards for excellence and purity, earning the trust […]

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The Painless Path to Cosmetic Hair Regrowth

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], October 31: Hair loss is a common concern for many individuals, and the desire for a lush and healthy head of hair is universal. The good news i