Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel unveils “Dr. Ravi Rao’s Vaastu Shastra for Everyone”

The book bridges the gap between tradition and contemporary living and offers a practical guide to applying Vaastu principles in today’s society.

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], October 26: “Dr. Ravi Rao’s Vaastu Shastra for Everyone: A Comprehensive Guide to Vaastu Shastra for the Modern World”, was launched on Tuesday, capturing the essence of an ancient Indian architectural science and making it accessible to people from all walks of life.

Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel graced the book launch ceremony and praised Dr. Rao for the book and for bringing the ancient wisdom of Vaastu Shastra to the spotlight. 

“Vaastu Shastra is a timeless science that holds the key to creating balanced and prosperous living environments in the modern world. Dr. Ravi Rao’s book is an invaluable resource for those seeking to improve their quality of life and find success. It bridges the gap between ancient wisdom and modern needs, offering practical guidance for a more harmonious and prosperous society through the principles of Vaastu Shastra,” Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel said on the occasion.

Author and Central Information Commissioner Uday Mahurkar was the Guest of Honor at the unveiling of the book. The who’s who from the world of literature were also present on the occasion.

Speaking at the launch, Dr. Rao said, “It is my honor that Chief Minister Bhupendrabhai Patel is unveiling my book, the result of a journey that encompasses 30 years of hard work, research and expertise in the field of Vaastu Shastra. However, Vaastu Shastra for Everyone is more than just a book. It is a roadmap to creating spaces that resonate with natural forces and energies and promote well-being. With insights that bridge the gap between traditional and contemporary living, it offers readers a practical guide to applying Vaastu principles in today’s society to enhance well-being, balance, and success. This book is for public welfare and will come in handy for anyone buying a house.”

Dr. Ravi Rao’s Vaastu Shastra for Everyone takes readers on a journey through the history, philosophy, and relevance of Vaastu in today’s world, making it easy for everyone to understand. It helps readers discover the significance of energy flow within their living spaces and learn how Vaastu principles can channel positive energy to improve health, prosperity, and relationships. Readers can also find practical tips for applying Vaastu principles in their homes. It is also a guide on harmonizing the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Space in their surroundings.

Dr. Ravi Rao’s book also presents real-life success stories that illustrate the transformative impact of Vaastu Shastra on people’s lives, from better health to enhanced career prospects. It shows how Vaastu principles can shape community planning, urban development, and eco-friendly construction, creating a better world for everyone. It also emphasizes the synergy between Vaastu principles and sustainable living, promoting eco-friendly practices. The book also explains that Vaastu Shastra is accessible and adaptable to diverse cultural contexts, making it truly “for everyone.”

The popularity of Vaastu Shastra is growing across the world. People come to India to learn this ancient science. The book “Dr. Ravi Rao’s Vaastu Shastra for Everyone” is recognized as a practical textbook by prestigious institutions like The Jyotish Yoga Shastra University in Florida, USA, which recommends it to young architecture students and designers. It will be translated into multiple foreign languages.

“Dr. Ravi Rao’s Vaastu Shastra for Everyone” is available at all leading bookstores and online retailers. 

About Dr. Ravi Rao:

Dr. Ravi Rao, a world-renowned Astro-Vaastu Practitioner, specializes in reviving fortunes for individuals & corporations through ancient Vedic solutions. He excels in corporate astro-vaastu analysis and has successfully assisted Fortune 500 companies worldwide, leveraging his expertise in Vaastu, astrology and numerology.

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