Ashish Saini’s ‘The Controversial Man’: A Must-Read for Thought-Provoking Insights

New Delhi (India), October 2: Ashish Saini is a 38-year-old Punjabi male who hails from a business family and is involved in the business of shoe manufacturing. But his passion lies in writing.

Why would he think of writing now? Why? Why are most interesting, always, but not all why’s can be answered like why would they make “ADIPURUSH” the way they did or why wouldn’t “CONGRESS ” choose another prime minister candidate. He says, “I think it comes from this habit of taking pun’s and thoughts into an interesting story.”

Ashish’s book is a work of fiction inspired by Indian history, and he hopes that it will entertain and inspire readers of all ages.

 THE CONTROVERSIAL MAN- the book which is as interesting and controversial as its name. A lot of things came to my mind when I read the BOOK and off course, they will intrigue others as well.

Amazon link to the book: 

Let’s dive into the author’s insights.

Q1. First things first, what motivated you to write this book and from when you have been writing?

Ans: Actually it’s my first book and I have been thinking about it for quite a while but as they say better late than never.

Q2. You have written quite controversial things in it, for example “feminism is as bad as male chauvinism”.   What do you mean by that? 

Ans: It’s based on a simple thought process. There are no free lunches in this world. As I quoted in one line that IF WOMEN SEEK EQUALITY AND WISH THE DOWRY SHOULD BE ELIMINATED, THAN THEY MUST BE WILLING TO GIVE UP ALIMONY.

 Q3. And I also noticed that you wrote in favor of nepotism. Why’s that?

Ans. I am not going to give the story of my book here. People should read it first and then decide in whose favor I have written and who’s not. I EVEN WROTE THE AMERICA’S WAR IN IRAQ AND AFGHANISTAN WAS STUPID. That doesn’t mean I did not believe in their war, but some things about it.

Q4. Okay, I will not ruin the plot of the book. But tell me you have mentioned a show named “Chai with Charan ” which your main character KRISHNA goes to with Zara and Sahnvi. Is it Sara and Jahnvi at KOFFEE with KARAN?

Ans: Ya I was watching their show so I took some inspiration and it can be any celebrity show, but ya inspiration was that particular show, but it has no resemblance or content to the show. 

Q5. What inspired you to write this book?

Ans: In today’s world a lot of nuisances are there but which nuisance matters and which not is the decision to be made. This is the reason I wrote this book. And I have an interest in politics and social issues which matter to the common man most. 

Q6. What will be the core of the book as per you and what should readers expect?

Ans: The core of the book is that a society cannot strive and thrive on social media. Real issues need real measures and readers can expect a lot of twists and turns as nothing happens in life as we expect. I have challenged a lot of modern and old thought processes in this book. Read and let me know if my debate is right or wrong. I am fully sure I am right.

Q7. DO you think criticizing the cricket team just before the world cup too the main players like Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli and Hardik Pandya, is the right thing to do ?

Ans: Yes, maybe then they will get us the World Cup which we have been waiting for long now. And I didn’t just target them but the whole system. I think they should get us the trophy. Fans deserve that.

And on that note we left the argument for some other day to continue.

Link to the book: 

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