Geeta Batlanki: A Star-Studded Triumph at Paris Fashion Week 2023 with Iconic Celebrity Designers and International Elegance

Geeta Batlanki

New Delhi (India), November 16: Geeta Batlanki, the Indian-origin international model, took center stage at Paris Fashion Week 2023, leaving a trail of admiration and intrigue in her wake. Her presence on the runway was a highlight of this prestigious fashion event. Notably, she had the privilege of showcasing the stunning creations of celebrity designers, including renowned names such as Michael Cinco.

Paris Fashion Week is known for its grandeur and the participation of the most eminent designers worldwide. Geeta Batlanki, an internationally acclaimed model of Indian descent, gracefully walked down the catwalk, displaying the designs of several celebrated designers. Among them was the esteemed Michael Cinco, who has designed for Aishwarya Rai, Jennifer Lopez, and Lady Gaga, as well as Michael Lombard, another celebrity designer, along with many other French and international designers.

Geeta’s journey into the world of fashion commenced during her teenage years, driven by an insatiable passion. She ventured into designing her outfits and crafting unique jewelry pieces. The initial inspirations behind her love for fashion were none other than her beautiful mother and aunt, both of whom possessed raven black tresses and an impeccable sense of style. It was her aunt who recognized her shared passion for the art of fashion and, taking her under her wing, imparted valuable lessons in grace and style. Geeta vividly recalls the lessons on carrying herself with finesse while adorning a sari, a cultural attire that radiates elegance. These early experiences kindled a deep appreciation for the beauty of fashion within Geeta, setting her on a path to make a significant impact in the fashion world, not just as a model but also as an entrepreneur.

Beyond the glamour of the fashion world, Geeta Batlanki’s heart carries the spirit of a globetrotter. She possesses an unquenchable thirst for exploring new countries and immersing herself in diverse cultures. Her journey has been punctuated by remarkable encounters, such as sharing tea with a local policeman during a holiday in Dubai, where she had the opportunity to savor local teas, goat milk, and fresh dates picked from the trees. Her travels are incomplete without visiting local fashion stores in every country she explores, where she acquires beautiful scarves, each becoming a cherished souvenir.

One of the most memorable moments was her visit to Santorini in Greece, where she ventured into a store and met its owner, Dianna. What began as a conversation about fashion designs quickly transformed into a warm dinner and a lasting friendship. These interactions have become a hallmark of Geeta’s travels. Her journeys also led her into the kitchens of talented chefs around the world, who generously shared their culinary expertise. From a food truck chef in Maui who divulged the recipe for garlic shrimp to the chef at Ristorante Silvestri in Costa Rica, who shared the secrets behind parsley shrimp, Geeta’s culinary experiences are a testament to her love for the art of cooking.

Geeta Batlanki is living proof that one doesn’t need to choose a single path in life. Her life story is a celebration of pursuing diverse passions, embracing a variety of experiences, and welcoming the beauty of the world with open arms. She has successfully integrated fashion, travel, food, and fun into her life’s journey, demonstrating that a multifaceted approach to life can be deeply rewarding.

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