GenWorks Encouraging Timely Screening For Breast Health

New Delhi (India), November 1: Breast Cancer is the most common cancers in women in India. According to Breast Cancer India, one woman is diagnosed with the disease every four minutes and one woman dies of this disease in India every 8 minutes. India has a young population and hence, the number of women who are diagnosed with the disease can increase if necessary measures are not adopted to get rid of this problem. The reasons why a disease such as Breast Cancer is rampant is because of lack of awareness, limited access to screening and vaccination, lack of timely treatment, etc. Government, healthcare companies, and NGOs make regular efforts to increase awareness, improve screening, and promote HPV vaccination. FemTech also helps tremendously in early detection and improving outcomes for chronic diseases that can be prevented easily.

GenWorks, a leading digital healthcare solution provider works to make technology available and provide affordable solutions across geographies through digital solutions. Amongst many other services, the company also sensitises an increasing number of women about the importance of FemTech by spreading the knowledge of screening products, and services to focus on women’s health. The FemTech market is valued at $22Billion and is expected to grow at a steady pace over the coming decade. With this, the company is increasingly focused on ensuring that women give higher importance to their health and well-being.

As the world celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month, GenWorks Health has made efforts to raise awareness for an increasing number of women to take action, support one another, and help each other feel better. The company regularly ventures into projects that raise awareness and sensitise women to encourage early screening. GenWorks Health promotes the use of Braster Pro – an AI-enabled screening device for timely medical intervention.

Braster Pro is a contact-based medical device supporting early screening of Breast Cancer. It was created at the best research centres using a comprehensive knowledge of liquid crystal technologies, optoelectronics, artificial intelligence, etc. It’s functioning as a simple and comfortable mobile application. The device uses effective and confirmed observational studies and technology of liquid crystal contact thermography. Based on the thermographic images, the automated interpretation algorithms indicate dangerous changes or abnormalities in the breasts. GenWorks Health promotes the use of Braster Pro as an oncological vigilance system as a standard screening method. The device combines various types of examination that increase the chances of detecting changes at early stages while allowing less invasive treatments and increasing the probability of complete recovery.

As we celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month, GenWorks Health aims to encourage all women around the last mile of India to perform a reliable breast examination in every doctor’s office. With the promotion of Braster Pro, GenWorks ensures women can safeguard their health and prevent serious problems such as Breast Cancer. The examination is safe and painless and does not use radiation. What’s more, the examination is supported with an intuitive application that guides you step by step through the examination and also standardises the process completely. Another reason why GenWorks promotes Braster Pro is because the efficacy of this method is irrespective of the patient’s age and breast tissue type. The device complements standard screening examinations with the Braster Pro exam which then increases the chance of early detection of suspicious changes. 

GenWorks aspires to make an increasing number of women aware of and embrace the importance of FemTech devices such as Braster Pro. Mr. S Ganesh Prasad, Founder, MD & CEO, GenWorks said, “Braster Pro is an advanced medical device that ensures that women embrace self-care with timely breast screening. As the world celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we aim to ensure that women embrace self-care by ensuring timely screening and medical interventions along with promoting devices that offer seamless healthcare care to women.”

About GenWorks:

GenWorks is an Indian healthcare start-up in India dedicated to improving the accessibility and affordability of healthcare services. It works dedicatedly with the objective to create a platform that can solve healthcare access, affordability, and adoption. The company is dedicated to building awareness by leveraging technology and solutions with state-of-the-art digital solutions and an added focus on improving specialist access for the last mile. 

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