Yuva Unstoppable’s Fellowship Programme – Nurturing Teachers & Students

Gayatri with her students as part of the Yuva Unstoppable Fellowship Programme

New Delhi (India), September 26: In the heart of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, a transformative initiative by Amitabh Shah founder NGO Yuva Unstoppable is quietly changing the landscape of education. For the past eight years, the organization has been running a Fellowship Programme that complements its broader mission of providing holistic development opportunities for children and youth. This visionary program, initiated in tandem with Yuva Unstoppable’s ‘School Transformation Programme’, is creating waves of change in the lives of underprivileged students.

Currently nine dedicated fellows form the backbone of this impactful initiative. Each fellow is assigned to a specific school where the ‘School Transformation Programme’ has been implemented. These young champions of education organize a myriad of activities, workshops, and sessions aimed at enhancing students’ academic performance and overall lifestyle. Their mission extends beyond the classroom, striving to create a wholesome and pollution-free learning environment while instilling essential personal and environmental values in children.

Amitabh Shah, the visionary behind the Fellowship Programme at Yuva Unstoppable explains “the programme serves as a launch-pad for professionals to pursue careers in education leadership, enabling them to make a meaningful impact on students’ lives. It is a programme rooted in the idea that the comprehensive development of underprivileged students in government schools, especially in remote areas with limited infrastructure and attention, can pave the way for a brighter future”. The program’s core objectives include providing value-based education, promoting personal hygiene and cleanliness, and offering personal counselling to students and their families for areas of Improvement.

Gayatri Suthar, a dedicated Fellow with the Fellowship Programme of Yuva Unstoppable since 2017, brings her own unique perspective to this transformative initiative. A former school teacher in a government school she joined forces with Yuva Unstoppable after realising the organisation’s profound impact on children. She emphasises the programme’s distinctiveness saying, “It has moved away from the stereotypic and traditional ways of teaching, the approach allows for creative freedom, empowering us to design our own methods of teaching that are fun, engaging and participatory”.

The impact on the children is immeasurable. They begin to see school as a place of excitement creativity, and learning. The dreary stereotypes of education are replaced with a sense of curiosity and enthusiasm. These young minds not only acquire academic knowledge but also grasp values, improve social interactions, and gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the society around them.

Amitabh Shah points out the seamless integration of the Fellowship Programme into school saying, “With a background and history in the school, Yuva Unstoppable has managed to create a rapport with the existing teachers and staff making the introduction of the Fellowship Programme a smooth process”.

Gayatri Suthar emphasises the collaborative spirit that drives this initiative, stating, “We explain to that school very clearly that we are here for the children, and to supplement the brilliant work already being done by the school”.

As Yuva Unstoppable’s Fellowship Programme continues to grow and evolve, it stands as a testament to the organization’s unwavering commitment to nurturing young minds and reshaping the future of education. Through creative teaching methods, personal development, and a holistic approach, these young fellows are planting the seeds of change in the hearts and minds of students, ensuring a brighter tomorrow for all.

Embark upon this journey with Amitabh Shah and Yuva Unstoppable – to nurture young minds.

To know more about Yuva Unstoppable, visit www.yuvaunstoppable.org

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