PM Modi’s speech inspires NRI Business Woman Mrs Krishna Sharma to make India’s first Space Odyssey – MISSION MOON

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], September 23: It was a historic moment for Indians not only in India but the entire Indian diaspora who can raise their heads with pride with Chandrayaan 3, the country’s lunar mission having accomplished a successful soft landing on the Moon’s South Pole on August 23rd, 2023. 

 Mrs Krishna Sharma, an American Indian entrepreneur, who has been particularly tracking ISRO’s journey, got inspired by Indian Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi’s inspirational speech. What a better medium than a producing a Bollywood feature feature film on Moon that can be a great way to explore different themes and engage with a wide audience. Amidst this wave, even the vibrant world of Bollywood couldn’t resist the allure of lunar adventures. The saga of this momentous MOON MISSION reverberates across the globe, sparking conversations and capturing imaginations.

It was in 2020 that Krishna Sharma of SHERMAN FILMS had initiated an ambitious film project by M later to be named as ‘MISSION MOON’. However, the pandemic’s unforeseen hiatus temporarily suspended production.

Krishna Sharma reveals, “The film Mission Moon is planned to be shot at Zero-Gravity and its gonna be India’s first Space Odyssey! Filming, cast & crew will be announced soon. At its core, ‘MISSION MOON’ 

There is no room for doubt that ‘MISSION MOON’ a high-budget cinematic extravaganza will feature lead actors to embark on training odysseys with NASA Heading the cast will be a luminary from the select group of Hindi Film Industry. 

MISSION MOON’ aligns its release strategy to march towards silver screen magnificence.

As Krishna Sharma’s production house pours in colossal with other partnerships.

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