Taman Safari Indonesia Invites Indian Travelers on a Wildlife Conservation Journey

A Must-Visit Destination for Indian Tourists

Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], September 15: TamanSafariIndonesia (TSI), Indonesia’s leading animal edutainment and conservation center, is excited to extend a warm invitation to all Indian tourists. As one of the top destinations for over 100,000 visitors from India this year, TSI is thrilled to share its four core pillars of dedication – a commitment to education, recreation, research, and, most importantly, the conservation of precious wildlife. Each of these pillars is complemented by a range of engaging programs that offer visitors an immersive and educational experience like no other. Making TSI as a must-visit destination for Indian travelers seeking a unique blend of wildlife exploration and conservation initiatives.

TSI has been at the forefront of protecting 8,700 animals representing 400 diverse species. These remarkable creatures are not just a part of the landscape; they are an integral part of TSI’s commitment to conservation. With four decades of unwavering dedication to promoting the well-being of Indonesia’s diverse wildlife, TSI has earned the trust of key stakeholders at the national level, becoming a national asset. Through a series of dedicated conservation programs, TSI has achieved remarkable results, including contributing to the reintroduction of endemic animals into their natural habitats.

“We understand that Indian tourists are drawn to Indonesia’s breathtaking landscapes and vibrant culture, and we believe that a visit to TamanSafariIndonesia will add an unforgettable dimension to your trip. Explore our lush wildlife habitats, marvel at our exotic animal species, and witness our dedication to their well-being,” says Alexander Zulkarnain, Vice President of Media Event and DigitalTamanSafariIndonesia.

TSI consists of six diverse business units spread across the Indonesian archipelago. Each unit offers unique and immersive wildlife experiences while contributing to the group’s overarching mission of conservation and education. Here are six of the destinations within theTamanSafariGroup:

TamanSafariBogor (West Java)

Nestled in the lush forests of West Java, only a two-hour drive from Jakarta, TamanSafariBogor stands as the longest-standing destination for nature enthusiasts and wildlife lovers. The park offers rich educational and recreational facilities, inviting visitors to connect with the animal kingdom in a unique way. 7,000 animals from 300 species find sanctuary within TamanSafariBogor, including the cherished panda family hailing from China. Among its highlights are the popular NightSafari, where the nocturnal world comes alive, and adventurous safari treks that allow for up-close encounters with captivating animals.

Jakarta Aquarium &Safari(Jakarta)

Located in the bustling capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta Aquarium & Safari is a captivating world of aquatic wonder. Housing over 3,500 species, it boasts the largest indoor aquarium in the country. Visitors can immerse themselves in the breathtaking underwater world while also having the opportunity to interact with terrestrial animals in the upper part of the facility. It’s an unparalleled journey that combines marine marvels and land-based adventures.

SafariBeach Jateng

This particular TamanSafariunit is dedicated to the conservation and development of dolphins. However, it’s not limited to dolphins alone, as it also houses various other animals.SafariBeach Jateng offers a captivating array of attractions, including dolphin shows, a mini zoo, and a beach area within the GreenSafarizone that entices visitors.


Established in 2022, SoloSafari is the newest addition to the list of tourist destinations managed by TamanSafariIndonesia. Located not far from the city of Solo, SoloSafari is an excellent choice for family outings. Within its extensive 13.9-hectare area, visitors can encounter over 347 animals representing 87 species of Indonesia’s endemic wildlife.

TamanSafariPrigen (East Java)

Situated in a 340-hectare area, TamanSafariPrigen holds the distinction of being the largest safari park not only in Indonesia but also in Asia. This sprawling park is not only a treasure trove of biodiversity but also a sanctuary dedicated to education and conservation for 2,869 animals from 217 species. One of its most notable endeavors is the breeding and preservation of the endangered Javanese bull species, contributing significantly to the conservation efforts in Indonesia.

In addition to its core conservation and educational mission, TSI extends its offerings to cater to the tourism sector. For the ultimate wildlife experience with loved ones, visitors can indulge in the convenience of staying at TSI’s exquisite resorts located within threeTamanSafarifranchises: the RoyalSafariGarden andSafariResort in Bogor, the BaobabSafariResort in Prigen, and the Mara RiverSafariLodge in Bali. To wrap up the adventure and make it unforgettable, visitors can bring back official merchandise from SafariWonders.

For more information about TamanSafariIndonesia and to plan your visit, please visit our official website at www.tamansafari.com.

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