Print Happiness celebrates a decade of spreading smiles

Pradeep Nair, Founder, Print Happiness

Mangalore (Karnataka) [India], August 24: Print Happiness, a pioneer in the field of customised and corporate gifting, is celebrating a decade of spreading smiles and creativity and innovation.

A brainchild of Pradeep Nair, a civil engineer by qualification, Print Happiness has mastered the art of customised gifting and carved a nice for itself in the fast-growing but largely untapped segment. 

“I established Print Happiness in 2013 with a mission to transform ordinary gifts into heartfelt expressions of emotions and a deep-seated desire to spread happiness. Our ability lies in transforming everyday items into personalised tokens of affection. This has become our hallmark and is the biggest reason for our loyal and growing customer base,” said Mr Nair.

From engraved pens and wallets to personalised keychains and passport holders, and beautiful mugs and pillows to captivating wood engravings and fridge magnets, Print Happiness has unique offerings to make every gift a special one and every occasion a special one.

“Every single creation of ours is a collaboration, a shared adventure in immortalising our customers’ experiences. Creativity and innovation are not just buzzwords for us; they are our core competencies. Our journey has been powered by daring ideas and unconventional approaches that have elevated gifting to an art form and made us the go-to gifting partner,” Mr Nair said further.

What sets Print Happiness apart is its focus on both individual and corporate gifting. The brand seamlessly caters to the need for personal gestures of love as well as the demand for corporate tokens that encapsulate gratitude and professionalism. Be it a small trinket exchanged between friends or a batch of corporate merchandise for a conference, Print Happiness has proven its mettle across the spectrum. Whether it is blending traditional craftsmanship with modern aesthetics or introducing eco-friendly materials into their creations, Print Happiness has always pushed the boundaries of imagination.

The more than 1,20,000 delighted customers Print Happiness has catered to over the years are a testament to its commitment to understanding the nuances of human emotions and translating them into tangible artefacts. From birthdays to weddings and promotions to farewells, Print Happiness has been a constant companion in customers’ journeys.

“As we near Print Happiness’ 10-year milestone, the future is bright with even more promise. When we started, a very small segment preferred or had access to online shopping. Digital has now become the go-to medium for buyers, which offers a great opportunity for us to thrive. We are expanding our horizons and reaching new audiences in an endeavour to touch more lives. We are confident that the next decade will be an even more memorable one and committed to spreading joy, one customised gift at a time,” Mr Nair added.

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