CallPay Flags Off Its Unique Application In India With An Aim To Revolutionise Digital Marketing and Customer Engagement

CallPay integrates phone calls and digital media to provide brands with extended reach and personalised engagement in a cost-effective manner

Mumbai (Maharashtra) [India], August 12: CallPay, founded by Shaji Thomas, announces the grand launch of its pioneering application in India that merges digital marketing and phone calls to create an innovative, cost-effective media platform, enabling brands to connect directly with their target audience. In a landscape where digital media reigns supreme, CallPay introduces a disruptive approach that promises to redefine the way brands engage with consumers.

Traditional channels are rapidly embracing digitalisation, emphasising the significance of digital marketing in contemporary strategies. CallPay leverages this shift to introduce a novel model that capitalises on the potency of phone calls and digital media. 

Speaking at the occasion of the launch, Shaji Thomas, founder at CallPay, said: “We are thrilled to introduce CallPay, a game-changing platform that bridges the gap between digital marketing and personal communication. In a world where attention spans are fleeting, and customer interactions are vital, CallPay empowers brands to connect directly with consumers through personalised, meaningful conversations.”

CallPay disrupts several key facets of traditional marketing, ushering in a new era of precision and effectiveness. Unlike traditional advertising platforms, CallPay ensures that ads are viewed multiple times within a 24-hour period, maximising exposure and retention. While other platforms may rely on unverified metrics, CallPay authenticates users through email IDs, phone numbers, and UPI IDs, ensuring accurate analytics and reliable engagement. Departing from the pull-based model of digital media, CallPay employs a push model, delivering creatives directly to users’ phone screens.

Also, ads are prominently displayed on users’ screens throughout their ongoing conversations, offering brands an extended opportunity to engage with their audience. CallPay allows advertisers to filter their ad placements based on parameters such as age, gender, location, and financial status, yielding higher ROI. With hyperlocal branding features enabled by CallPay’s pin code filtering, brands can resonate with local audiences in a way previously unattainable. Plus, CallPay takes a unique approach of user monetisation by rewarding users for allowing ads to be displayed on their screens, making ads a rewarding experience rather than an intrusion.

With over 750 million smartphone users in India alone, the potential for direct customer engagement is staggering. CallPay aspires to be the go-to platform for AI-enabled marketing campaigns, transforming every individual’s smartphone screen into a personalised communication channel for brands. 

Highlighting the uniqueness of CallPay, Thomas said: “As users remain glued to their phones, CallPay’s innovative approach to digital marketing promises to usher brands into the next generation of consumer engagement – something that has not happened earlier and can revolutionise the digital marketing space, that too in a cost-effective, verified and no junk userbase way.”

About CallPay

CallPay is a revolutionary digital marketing platform that integrates phone calls and digital media to provide brands with extended reach and personalised engagement. With a focus on precision targeting, user monetisation, and innovative ad display methods, CallPay aims to reshape the landscape of digital marketing, bringing brands closer to their customers in the age of digitalisation. To learn more, please visit

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