Are you looking for a non-surgical fix to your urinary issues?

New Delhi (India), August 2: Elderly men facing urinary issues due to an enlarged prostate can now find relief without surgery. According to recent studies, more than 50% of men over the age of 50 experience urine problems caused by benign prostate hypertrophy (BPH), a condition where the gland below the bladder enlarges, obstructing the free flow of urine. Symptoms of BPH include difficulties in initiating urine flow, incomplete bladder emptying, frequent nighttime urination, decreased urine force, dribbling, and an increased risk of urinary infections.

Prostate artery embolisation presents numerous benefits for patients suffering from BPH. This innovative procedure can significantly reduce urinary frequency, improve urine flow, and help patients regain control over their lives. Unlike surgical options, there is no need to fear the potential risks associated with surgery or the side effects commonly experienced post-surgery. The process also offers a high level of safety, with minimal threat of complications compared to surgical alternatives. Patients can avoid the need for long-term indwelling folleys catheters, maintain their sexual function, and experience no blood in the urine or pelvic pain. This procedure has been proven to be a reliable option, ensuring patients can resume their daily activities with ease.

Offering a minimally invasive and non-surgical alternative, Dr. Balaji Patel Kola, a renowned senior interventional radiologist, Vice President of the Indian Society for Vascular and Interventional Radiology, has introduced Prostate Artery Embolisation as a pathbreaking procedure to reduce BPH symptoms and restore patients’ quality of life. With years of expertise and an unblemished track record of successfully treating patients, Dr. Kola is a trusted name in the field of prostate artery embolisation. “Many men delay seeking help for their prostate problems due to fear of surgery and post-operative complications. However, there is no need to feel fear,” reassures Dr. Balaji Patel Kola. “Prostate artery embolisation is a safe and effective solution that can help reduce the symptoms of an enlarged prostate without the need for invasive surgery or prolonged recovery periods,” he adds. Several patients have undergone prostate artery embolization, and within one month, symptoms got reduced.

To take advantage of Dr. Balaji Patel Kola’s expertise and the benefits of Prostate Artery Embolisation, individuals suffering from urine problems are encouraged to contact him today. Dr. Kola’s medical center, Maven Medical Center, offers highly innovative and modern facilities along with a dedicated team to ensure patients receive the best care possible. It follows evidence-based practices aligned with international guidelines. With recognition as a prominent training hub for laser treatment, attracting global participation in regular skill-enhancing workshops, Maven Medical Center stands as a beacon of advanced healthcare, providing exceptional care and treatment to patients.

For further information and to book a consultation, visit or call Dr. Balaji Patel Kola at 7013188839.

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