A Stellar Debut: ‘The Order of the Dark’ Sheds Light on the Unseen Universe

New Delhi (India), July 26: Sunita Joshi is a branding and communications specialist by profession and an astrophile by passion. She resides in the maximum city of Mumbai and has been an avid writer since the age of 15. 

The Order of The Dark, her debut book, is a work of pure science fiction and imagination. It creatively portrays how the universe could have come through and then how we all came through when the universe came through. It casts a ‘spotlight’ on the existence of the omnipresent dark, which is grossly underrated.

Amazon link to the book: – https://amzn.eu/d/eapyXx3 

Let’s delve into the author’s insights-

Q1. What is the core of your book ‘The Order of The Dark’?

Ans- The core of this book revolves around the fact that all of us, just like the universe, are products of the dark – in the sense that we were nothing and we have literally shown up from nowhere. In other words, we represent the gross forms of the universe itself, manifesting shades of dark and light. And because we have emerged from the dark, there is more of the dark energy within each one of us, just as the universe which is made of 95-96% of dark matter and dark energy and just 4-5% of light.

Q2. Can you share another interesting aspect of your book?

Ans- Another interesting aspect that the book covers is that every action (good or bad), bears consequences. There is a dark order that oversees all that happens in the light. This dark order takes the form of karma, and karma is real. By definition, it is a seeker of justice. And it is the eternal truth and all-pervasive. Everything that occurs must pass through the dark order.

Q3. What inspired you to write this book?

Ans- My main inspiration to write this book sprung from my interest in astronomy. I feel that there must be more to the multifaceted universe or the observable universe that is exposed to our naked eyes. Every star could have an untold story. Every galaxy could have an unknown legacy. There must be a system in place that propels the orderly movement and alignment of everything in the space. Someone had to start the storytelling. Why not me?

Q4. What played the main role in helping you start?

Ans- It all started with the mighty star called Antares, which resides in the constellation Scorpius that caught my attention and banged outside my kitchen window at 5 AM on a fine morning. It shimmered in hues of bright red and orange. That star intrigued me so much that I started to look out for it every evening amidst the deep dark skies. Then, one thing led to the other, and my sense of curiosity got the better of me as I learnt about all the constellations which housed several such brilliant stars, such as Antares. I got hooked on a star-gazing app and one fine day, I finally bought my first telescope and the rest was history. I have come to believe that the solar system that we live in is like a family. There was oneness and a deep sense of belonging that I felt while scribing this book.

Q5. What advice do you want to give your readers? 

Ans- We stand out and shine only when we become the light ourselves. That dark order enables this. Maybe that is why we see all the spatial entities in their full glory only during the dark hours. Never be afraid of the dark, as the dark represents the bare truth. It is what it is! Just like stars and planets, we shine differently when we become the truest version of our own selves.

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