BFC Publications: Redefining Publishing Paradigms, One Book at a Time

The Inspiring Voyage of BFC Publications and Sharad Bindal

BFC Publications, a leading self-book publisher in India, is rewriting the rules of the publishing industry and empowering authors to share their stories with the world. The company was created by Sharad Bindal, a respected mythologist, entrepreneur, and author of the bestselling mythological fiction “Clash of Singularity.” Sharad was faced with a multitude of challenges trying to publish the book during the Covid lockdown in 2020, which opened his eyes to the hurdles faced by aspiring authors, pushing him to establish a platform for talented storytellers yearning to be heard.

In the face of unprecedented challenges brought by the pandemic, BFC Publications demonstrated resilience and innovation. The company adopted unconventional strategies to connect with authors and overcame logistical hurdles, ensuring that their commitment to delivering excellence remained firm. As the world slowly returned to normalcy, BFC Publications experienced a transformative turning point with the exceptional success of Sharad’s debut mythological fiction. This triumph elevated the company’s reputation and laid the foundation for greater accomplishments in the near future.

Since its inception, BFC Publications has achieved remarkable milestones. Working with over 2,500 talented authors, the company has successfully published more than 5,000 original book titles, captivating readers through both ebook and print-on-demand formats. Their dedication to quality publishing services has resulted in the sale of an impressive 200,000 copies, proving that BFC Publications is not just a publisher but a catalyst for literary success.

In November 2022, BFC Publications etched its name in history by organizing the Koshala Literature Festival, a groundbreaking event that marked India’s first literature festival hosted by a self-publishing house. The festival served as a vibrant platform, uniting established literary heavyweights such as Anand Neelakantan, Ashwin Sanghi, Devdutt Patnaik, Hindol Sengupta, Malini Awasthi, Manish Tewari, Muzaffar Ali, Shobhaa De, Tigmanshu Dhulia, Vikram Sampath, and Yatindra Mishra with emerging authors. It created an atmosphere of collaboration where ideas were exchanged, creativity blossomed, and new voices were celebrated. The participation of these revered figures further cemented BFC Publications’ standing within the Indian publishing landscape.

BFC Publications presently stands tall with an astonishing 107 bestsellers to its credit, an indication of its unwavering dedication to literature and commitment to delivering top-notch publishing services. Each page turned, and each new author discovered is a testament to the transformative power of words. 

By embracing traditional and innovative approaches and blending them seamlessly, BFC Publications continues to effectively address and cater to the ever-evolving demands and expectations of both authors and readers, significantly reshaping the dynamic landscape of self-publishing in India. As the publishing house sets its sights on the future, it remains steadfast in its unwavering dedication to amplifying a wide range of diverse voices and narratives. Through its remarkable achievements and an ongoing unwavering commitment to ensuring literary excellence, BFC Publications is persistently and resolutely redefining the established paradigms of the publishing industry, continuously inspiring a new generation of authors with each new literary masterpiece.

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