SMEBIZZ Celebrated World PR Day 2023: “Harnessing the Power of Public Relations”

New Delhi (India), July 18: Public relations (PR) play an important role in the success and growth of businesses in today’s interconnected world. It helps not only organizations, and brands but also individuals build and maintain a positive reputation in the industry they are involved in. Effective PR fosters trust, credibility, and loyalty among stakeholders. It enhances visibility, manages crises, and shapes public perception. By influencing opinions and promoting transparency, PR cultivates customer loyalty, lasting relationships, driving success and growth. In today’s world, PR professionals play a key role in creating and maintaining relations between organizations and their stakeholders that benefit both sides.

On July 16, an event called World PR Day takes place every year to recognize the important role that public relations play in the success and growth of businesses of all sizes in different industries today and it was hosted by celebrity host Ms Simran Shuja.  The aim behind commemorating World PR Day is to enlighten the world about the importance of PR and build a unified global agenda towards better understanding and utilization of this field

To demonstrate how important it is for its business and the people involved in it, Delhi-based digital marketing company, SMEBIZZ, held a special event dedicated to World PR Day. The event was focused on World PR Day’s theme this year, “Harnessing The Power Of Public Relations”, which emphasizes the extensive reach and potential of PR in achieving organizational goals and fostering positive change.

The event hosted by SMEBIZZ at Hotel Holiday Inn, Mayur Vihar, Delhi, on 13th July 2023, featured engaging dialogues on, “Harnessing the Power of Public Relations”, followed by a delightful Hi Tea with snacks. Participants had the opportunity to exchange insights, share best practices, and explore the various facets of the PR industry. The event offered a unique platform for PR professionals to engage in insightful conversations, exchange ideas, and share best practices that can elevate the effectiveness and reputation of the PR industry. 

CEO of SMEBIZZ, Jitender Chawla, explained the importance of Public Relations in the success and growth of businesses in today’s world. Mr. Chawla emphasized the crucial role of Public Relations in building relationships, achieving business objectives, and preventing crises.

Speaking on the importance of PR, Mr. Jitender Chawla said, “Public Relation shapes public opinion and creates a world where communication is intentional, credible, positive, powerful, and has a developmental influence.”

Public Relations programs play a vital role in presenting all aspects of a business, including products, culture, and community connections, consistently to the target audience. PR campaigns are multi-faceted, utilizing various media outlets to reach consumers, potential investors, employees, and community leaders. The credibility and objectivity associated with PR placements create a sense of trust and authenticity that traditional advertisements may lack. The reach of a successful PR campaign is extensive, leveraging traditional print, radio, and television outlets as well as a wide array of other tools. PR managers are constantly adapting to the evolving media landscape to effectively convey messages and create meaningful connections with audiences.

SMEBIZZ is a leading provider of complete digital advertising and PR MEDIA services. The company’s vision is to help the businesses of its clients succeed, flourish, and prosper. The event held by the company to celebrate World PR Day was dedicated to enlightening the world about the importance of PR and building a unified global agenda toward better understanding and utilization of this field. SMEBIZZ Vision is Entrepreneur Business Growth. SMEBIZZ is A Digital Advertising, PR Media And  Brand Building Agency.

During the event, engaging conversations delved into the depths of public relations, exploring its applications and emphasizing the alignment of organizational values with social and environmental causes. Authenticity and transparency were highlighted as essential elements for successful PR campaigns. By participating in the event SMEs, MSMEs, and PR professionals gained valuable insights that would help them to contribute to the growth of the PR industry as well as their own businesses.

The event was graced by notable personalities such as Mr. Patrick Odhiambo, Diplomat at the Kenya High Commission; Mr. Randrianarivony, Counsellor at the Embassy of the Republic of Madagascar; Mr. Gaurav Gupta, Charter President of LIONS CLUB DELHI VEG. and Founder & President of GTTCI; Richa Vashisth, Member of the Railway Advisory Committee, Government of India; Basem F. Hellis, Counsellor at the Embassy of the State of Palestine, India; and Prof. Dr. K. S. Rana, Vice-Chancellor of Mewar University and Adviser to the Ministry of Environment. The event also saw the participation of Randhir Singh, coach of Indian star cricketers Yuzvendra Chahal and Pawan Negi; Vijay Vats, Ranji Trophy, Vijay Hazare Trophy & IPL player; Mr. Pawan Sachdeva from The Wedding Premier; and Shiva and Hui from Canada.

As World PR Day 2023 comes to a close, the global PR community looks forward to another year of growth, and collaboration. PR professionals who were present at the event held by SMEBIZZ would now shape a better future for industries, governments, and brands across the world by harnessing the power of public relations.

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