Shankar Lalwani, Member of Parliament, Launches Website on Sickle Cell Anemia to Emphasizes Importance of Blood Tests Before Marriage

Shankar Lalwani, Member of Parliament, Launches Website on Sickle Cell Anemia

Two-Day Program Conducted on Sickle Cell Day to Raise Public Awareness

Indore (Madhya Pradesh) [India], July 10: Indore, Madhya Pradesh witnessed a two-day program under the aegis of Ayush Medical Welfare Foundation and Advanced Homeo Health Center & Homoeopathic Medical Research Pvt Ltd Indore to mark Sickle Cell Day. The event aimed to raise public awareness about sickle cell anemia, a genetic disease that has been causing distress to patients and their families. Member of Parliament Shankar Lalwani, during the program, launched a website ( created by Dr. AK Dwivedi, which contains comprehensive information about the disease.

Until recently, sickle cell anemia remained relatively unknown in Indore, but with growing concern from the Prime Minister and the Governor of Madhya Pradesh, public awareness has become crucial. Sickle cell anemia poses significant challenges for patients and their families, with limited success in conventional medical treatments. However, Dr. AK Dwivedi, an expert in homeopathic medicine, asserts that homeopathy can alleviate the problems faced by sickle cell anemia patients. As a nation known for its youth, it is imperative to educate and create awareness among the younger generation about sickle cell anemia. Additionally, Dr. Dwivedi recommends conducting blood tests and matching blood reports before marriage to prevent the transmission of sickle cell anemia to future generations.

MP Shankar Lalwani addressed a workshop on the significance of homeopathic medicine in sickle cell disease on Sunday, coinciding with World Sickle Cell Day. As the chief guest, Lalwani inaugurated the two-day program held at the Advance Ayush Wellness Center and Advance Yoga and Naturopathy Hospital in Greater Brajeshwari Pipliyahana, Indore. During the event, he officially launched the website, designed by Dr. Dwivedi to provide comprehensive information on sickle cell anemia.

Renowned psychiatrist Dr. Vaibhav Chaturvedi from Kokilaben Ambani Hospital, Indore, attended the program as a special guest. Dr. Chaturvedi highlighted the distress experienced by the patient’s family members, stemming from the financial burden of treatment and the mental anguish caused by frequent blood transfusions and hospital admissions, which often leads to depression.

Dr. AK Dwivedi, a member of the Central Council for Homeopathic Research in the Ministry of Ayush, Government of India, presided over the workshop. Dr. Dwivedi discussed the symptoms of sickle cell anemia, such as weakness, fatigue, shortness of breath, abdominal pain, and difficulty performing daily tasks. He emphasized the effectiveness of homeopathic medicine in addressing these issues, noting that long-term homeopathic treatment eliminates the need for repeated blood transfusions and enables patients to resume their daily activities. The workshop witnessed significant attendance from youth and medical students, who also underwent free blood tests. Additionally, participants actively engaged in environmental conservation by planting pomegranate and gooseberry plants.

Following the program, a free homeopathic camp was organized in the village of Badgonda, Mhow tehsil, where homeopathic medicines were distributed after careful examination of sickle cell anemia patients. Attendees were also provided with detailed information regarding diet, yoga asanas, and daily routines to manage the disease effectively.

The program was conducted by Deepak Upadhyay, with Dr. Vivek Sharma expressing gratitude for the event.

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