Summirow Dental Tops the List as the Best Dental Hospital in Gujarat

Surat (Gujarat) [India], July 1:  Kaushal Kakkad and his wife, Dr Ushma Kakkad, embarked on a remarkable journey in 2013 when they established Summirow Dental Private Limited. Starting with just one OPD set-up and a small team of two supporting staff members, their vision and dedication have propelled Summirow Dental to become the Best Dental Hospital in Gujarat within nine years. Today, it boasts 10 OPD set-ups and a team of over 30 skilled doctors and supporting staff.

Summirow Dental stands as a modern and leading dental hospital in Gujarat, offering a comprehensive range of aesthetic, preventative, and treatment options with the latest technologies. As one of the largest dental clinics in Surat, this esteemed institution adopts a multi-disciplinary approach, providing compassionate oral care to all patients.

Central to Summirow Dental’s philosophy is patient comfort, convenience, and care. The team prioritizes getting to know their patients, creating a relaxed atmosphere, and attentively listening to their needs. Their tagline, “Teeth Ke Genius,” embodies their belief that each smile is unique. By implementing best practice guidelines, investing in technology, and fostering innovation, Summirow Dental aims to completely transform smiles, offering individuals the opportunity to live their best lives.

The mission of Summirow Dental is to build exceptional relationships with patients by providing outstanding dental care in a friendly and caring environment. With a focus on patient comfort, the team strives to make a positive difference in their lives, not only improving their oral health but also enhancing their self-confidence and overall quality of life. Their vision is to achieve continual excellence in dental care and become a leader in the industry. Empowering patients through education about oral health and assisting them in making informed treatment decisions is a key objective.

Summirow Dental operates based on four guiding principles:

Professionalism: By employing highly skilled experts and utilizing superior technology, the clinic achieves excellence in dentistry, resolving a broad range of dental issues.

Compassion: Patients are embraced as part of the Summirow Dental family, and their well-being becomes the team’s primary concern.

Commitment: The clinic is committed to consistently raising the standards of treatment to ensure optimum patient satisfaction.

Awareness: Summirow Dental is dedicated to disseminating relevant information about oral hygiene to the public, collaborating with leading oral health product providers.

Dr Ushma K. Kakkad, the Chief Dentist & Implantologist at Summirow Dental, brings over 11 years of experience to the field of dentistry. Her expertise was honed through prior consultancy roles at Su-Dent Dental Clinic (2011-2013) and Sanjivani Hospital, Chalthan (2013-2015), as well as through owning and consulting at Summirow Multi Speciality Dental Hospital (2015-2021). Dr Ushma holds a BDS from the A.J. Institute of Dental Sciences (2011) and has pursued advanced courses in soft and hard tissue management, cosmetic dentistry, and dental implants.

Mr Kaushal Kakkad, known as a Dentalpreneur, co-founded Summirow Dental Private Limited alongside Dr Ushma Kakkad in 2013. From its humble beginnings with one OPD set-up and two supporting staff members, the institution has grown to encompass more than 10 OPD set-ups and a team of over 30 doctors and supporting staff. In addition to dental treatment, Mr Kakkad established Summirow Wellness Private Limited, focusing on oral-care products. Furthermore, he launched the non-profit organization Summirow Foundation with the mission of providing millions of free dental check-ups and spreading oral awareness to people in need.

As a proud member of BNI (Business Network International), Mr Kaushal Kakkad actively presents Summirow Dental to his network, taking strategic steps towards achieving his goals. He continually updates and upgrades his knowledge by completing courses and attending seminars, aiming to elevate his business to the next level. His mission is to incorporate advanced technology in the dental field, ensuring fast and error-free dental treatments for patients. Mr Kakkad strives to maintain a competitive position by implementing efficient systems and processes for managing the business and utilizing digital tools and software to reach and provide new smiles to people.

Summirow Dental’s success is a testament to the dedication and passion of Kaushal Kakkad and Dr Ushma Kakkad. Their unwavering commitment to patient care, continuous learning, and community impact has established Summirow Dental as a renowned institution in the dental healthcare industry. With a focus on excellence, compassion, and transformation, they continue to shape the smiles and lives of countless individuals, leaving a lasting impact on oral health and well-being in Gujarat and beyond.

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