Meet P. Chidrupi: The Talented Author Behind ‘The Zohra Project’

The Zohra Project, the first book in the Heartstrings series, is written by the talented Hyderabadi writer P Chidrupi. Set in the posh backdrop of Mumbai, the story revolves around three young investigative journalists working for the Nation’s Front News Agency, the NF. When the BFFs — Naina, Ruhana and Samrat, embark upon fulfilling Project Zohra, their lives take a turn.

Samrat proposes to Naina, clueless about how else to offer support. When she declines, he struggles to understand the concept of love and realise Ruhana is secretly in love with him.

IT tycoon Asher’s moves disrupt the Zohra Project. A strong-willed Naina goes along with his plans but won’t succumb. The more she delves into the Zohra’s secret, the more she understands the group, their ambition and their extravagant lifestyle. The more she grows closer to Asher, aka Ash, who’s every bit of a tease, mysterious and mischievous, but a man with a heart of gold, the more she’s in love. If she’s a pawn in his games, why does he treat her as a princess? Falling for Ash isn’t what she planned; it may be fate. Ruhana and Samrat’s bond changes after Naina disappears from their lives, as they are assigned another project in China.

A breezy read under the romcom, adventure and contemporary genres, TZP captures friendship, love, heartbreak, journalist’s spirit and social issues. This page-turner delightfully portrays the plight of its four protagonists, witnessing their growth as they discover the meaning of true love. 

Strong, diverse characters, each with a distinct backstory, are its USP. Asher’s pet — a pristine white Indian Spitz and Naina’s feline friend also have stories to tell. 

Link to the book 

The author shares more of her story and the story of her book with us below:

1. What inspires you to write? Have you ever written based on personal experiences?

Some readers assume authors write from experience. Fiction authors live in an imaginative world. The results are endlessly varied scenarios imagined for their story. Of course, some authors may write based on personal experience. I don’t.

 2. Interesting. When did you begin writing? What drives you to write?

I was a voracious reader at nine. My ten-year-old self was creating stuff. I was eleven when I wrote for a competition at school. My English teacher praised me because I had a knack for words. Writing continued while I studied. My fan fiction readers said I did a splendid job portraying human emotions and the underlying humour in my stories was a stress-buster. Today, I give my all to crafting meaningful, entertaining stories. It’s a tough journey, yet I’m determined to persist. 

3. What are your favourite themes?

I read Mark Twain’s children’s books. Then I went into the mystery-thriller. I’m picky, and not the avid reader I once was, but mystery is still my obsession. Light-hearted mangas and anime are my to-go. Futuristic, action-packed sci-fi is another hot favourite. 

4. Tell us about your book.

TZP is the first in the Heartstrings series. I initially wrote it for a web platform. That’s why it went on. But I’ve been receiving some wonderful feedback from readers that it’s like watching a good movie. That makes me happy that I put in the effort to finish and publish.

5. Tell us about the characters. Who is your favourite?

All are. Everyone is unique and has a personality. I think this made the story very wholesome. 

6. Tell us more about the Heartstrings series.

The Zohra Project is the first. Book two will have better editing by me. (Laughs) I have ideas for spin-offs based on interesting side characters from the Zohra. Heartstrings series will have four books. Two spin-offs, out of which I’m very certain I will publish one.

7. Do you have any WIPs? What are your plans?

I have a slice-of-life, army-based novel that I took four years to complete. I’m currently editing it. It’s a journey of four varied characters, their struggles, love, life and duty. I shared its draft with friends, and they said it was beautiful. Writers are pleased when people appreciate their work. That’s the reward they desire.

I have plans to write a children’s book. I wanted to write one as a child. My desire to explore various genres is strong.

8. What do you do when you’re not writing?

I paint and practise art, and play the guitar and the keyboard. I’m learning the piano. Who doesn’t love delightful music? I listen to instrumentals of all genres. They are soul soothers. Oh, I also must finish my Karate Black Belt training. (laughs)

We wish the bubbly, passionate, budding author all the best.

Link to the book

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