Heart-IN-Heart: Rising to Top in Life, Passion, Romance

Colliding, expressing, unlocking, adoring,… are cashes of the universally supreme currency, love. And rise to the top of Alpine Peak for managing cashes.

New Delhi (India), June 15: Welcome to the poetic thrills and frills of the Heart-IN-Heart that will take the readers through different emotions of the cashes earning and management — search, click, tensions, joys of being loved, togetherness, hopes, dreams either come true or shattered, heartbreaks, miseries, and catastrophes – and complexities of Two-Hearts.

Embrace the landscape of this brilliant book Heart-IN-Heart inked by outstanding authors — Kiranmala (Yaiphabi) Laishram, She, and Dr Bana Kamila, He. They created an intellectual bonding to be recognised as, She-He, a unique duo with a diverse passion for antithetical extremities, walking on different life paths to create polarised poetic vibes.

While proceeding for the poetic enterprise, Dr Kamila stepped his right foot forward from a point on the 0 to – ∞ path — family yearly income from all sources US$ 5, village pestered by the brutality of the flood, narrow mud road to the village, school thatching unable protect students from the torture of nature, …, and so on – that failed to stop him to Be.

With his scholastic and literary superiority, his foot stepped In-To Harvard for Post-Doc, Utkal University for D. Litt., Santiniketan for Ph.D., …, and continued on; and gained him the Top-Most association with the Nobel Laureate, Nadine Gordimer, and the literary circles of the various VERITAS.

In the Heart-IN-Heart journey, She, the poetess, feels the passion for chilling and forever love, and, He, the poet, feels the passion for love and for loving.

She-He’s feelings vented this Extra-Ordinaire, packed with a romantic feast of 81 poems on 172 pages — with heart-touching preface: Crazy Hearts, Feelings-Hook for each section, Intro-Hook for each poem, and author profile — each better than the other! The readers will be spoiled by the craziness of Life-Romance-Passion.

The collision of the Two-Hearts could grow emotions to be crazier… craziest! 

Two Ones! Two Hearts! Two Mindsets! Two Thoughts!…

Each one, in two, is different, uniquely different, in feelings, touch, passion, intimacy… and never the same.

They bump into, meet or encounter… the polarized waves beat intentionally, incidentally or accidentally. It’s the wonders of the two hearts!

Then, the stories of all the buzzing beats beat — We’re made for each other. We can’t live without others. Or we’re crazy for each other…

What makes the Two-Hearts crazy??

Is it true craziness or transactional craziness???

Such craziness brews complexity in the collision of the Two-Hearts!

It’s like the multiplication table, 2 — 2×1, 2×2, 2×3 . . . complexity in feelings multiplies… to impress each other for keeping on saying the long waited for three magic words — I. Z times.

Is it just the purposeful echo of hypnotism?

Or is it the heartfelt feelings of true …. forever?

That’s Life!

That’s Passion!

That’s Romance! 

But, the ecosphere of love ticks along — the good, the better, the best…, and the ugly.

Wait! You are just a couple of clicks away from being crazy!

Bana Kamila @ All Rights Reserved

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